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Thales’ cybersecurity solution for the new connected navies

Cybels Sensors Aboard

Picture the naval warship of your choice.

Whether you imagine a sleek frigate, an immense aircraft carrier or a giant whale of a submarine, they all have one thing in common: they are all floating platforms of data.

That data is the new fuel that today empowers all vital warship functions, be it navigation, surveillance, interception, or defensive measures.

For the digital transformation of marine warfare has meant a revolution in the way warships operate, with connectivity of data as the critical key to success.

The new generation of sensors in radar, sonar, optronics and electronic warfare are connected in a network to send the signals they detect for real-time processing and analysis by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Those technologies transform the data into the meaningful information that naval commanders and crews need to make the right decisions right away.


The new naval connectivity challenge: Cybersecurity over a vast surface

However, that enormous surface of data flowing 24/7 also means a new challenge: protecting the information from intrusion and hacking that can transform a routine mission into a nightmarish disaster.

That’s where Thales contributes made-to-measure cybersecurity, based on its long experience in naval signalling and leading expertise in all the technologies of the digital transformation, recognised as a choice combination in the service of navies worldwide.

“We customise cyber-attack protection, detection and response to each ship’s mission,” explains Cyril Autant, Director of Cybersecurity for Critical Systems at Thales, “And we provide the equipment focused on those specific needs to produce clear and useful findings to a ship’s commanders and crew”.


Cybels Sensor to thwart today’s and tomorrow’s cyber-attacks

At the heart of customised cybersecurity is Thales’s Cybels Sensor, a cyber-detection system featuring a trusted probe that allows for rapid identification and countering of known attacks, deployed at critical points of the onboard network.

The Cybels Sensor probe contains embedded behavioural algorithms able to detect abnormal events on the network. It also incorporates signature or fingerprints of attacks and can be provided with specific information on targeted threats in order to more quickly identify and counter known attacks.

“It spots and responds to any known incoming threats and calls out any out of line occurrences,” Cyril Autant notes. “Deep Learning and Threat Intelligence then transform any new detected risks into an even broader protective shield for the future.”


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