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Honeywell to Empower OJets with High-Speed In-Flight Connectivity

Honeywell has been selected as the in-flight connectivity services provider by OJets, a private luxury jet service provider headquartered in Singapore, for its global fleet of business aircraft. Services include complete GoDirect Datalink functionality as well as in-flight connectivity, enabled by Honeywell’s JetWave hardware that powers Jet ConneX, Inmarsat’s Ka-band network for business jets.

“OJets is redefining luxury travel by providing highly bespoke and optimized experiences for our clients from the conveniences of our private aircraft,” said CEO, OJets Nick Houseman. “It is important that our clients are empowered with reliable and high-speed in-flight connectivity for work or entertainment, all while enjoying a safe flight experience. We chose Honeywell given its global footprint and strong, reliable service 24/7 worldwide.”

Honeywell’s JetWave is the exclusive hardware that enables business aviation aircraft to connect to Inmarsat’s Ka-band Jet ConneX, the first consistent high-speed broadband service to span the world. As a result, business jet operators and passengers can enjoy greatly improved productivity with in-flight Wi-Fi speeds up to 15 Mbps. Beyond providing high-speed in-flight cabin connectivity that will allow video-conferencing and TV on demand, OJets will also benefit from Honeywell’s GoDirect Flight Services to increase efficiency and safety for pilots and passengers. GoDirect Flight is part of Honeywell’s GoDirect family — the industry’s comprehensive collection of more than 50 value-adding aviation services and applications. This includes GoDirect Weather and GoDirect Flight Planning for pilots to enhance decision-making and increase connectivity in the cockpit. In addition, pilots can view frequently cleared and optimized routes for enhanced aircraft performance, and even make adjustments while in the air.

“As the aviation industry shifts into the age of digitalisation, customers are looking for an integrated solution provider that can offer connectivity, hardware, software and services to increase flight efficiency and safety,” said senior director, Business and General Aviation, Asia Pacific, Honeywell Aerospace Andy Gill. “By expanding the installations of JetWave, strengthening the capabilities of our GoDirect services, and investing in aftermarket customer support, Honeywell is becoming the go-to technology provider for all business aviation customer demands.”

As an airborne satellite communications pioneer and leading technology developer, Honeywell is in a position to continue to provide operators like OJets with comprehensive global connectivity solutions, providing passengers with best-in-class in-flight connectivity service now and in the future.


Azimuth Airlines Takes Delivery of Final SSJ100

Russian air carrier Azimuth on April 18 took delivery of another SSJ100 jet and marked the completion of the delivery within the framework of the agreement.

According to the leasing agreement between the State Transport Leasing Company (STLC) and Azimuth, the aircrafts delivered are with the layout for 100 and 103 passenger seats. The 100-seated cabin has a following peculiarity – there is technical opportunity to change the layout that might be single class for 100 seats as well as two-class for 93 seats – depending on the needs of the Customer.

“Our commitments regarding the agreement with the STLC and Azimuth has been fulfilled according to the scheduled plan. The collaboration experience we have achieved, especially under the circumstances of a brand new air carrier to the market, the fleet consisting of our planes exclusively, allows us to count on further effective cooperation for the benefit of regional airline passenger service development, amongst others”, said President of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company Alexander Rubtsov.

“Azimuth airline is the first air carrier performing commercial flights operating SSJ100 at the South of Russia. Our activity is based on the principles of maximum effectiveness, which is together with the state aviation industry support program results in an opportunity to grant comfortable flight for good price,” added Azimuth Director for Strategic Development Dmitry Zvonarev.

Since the beginning of operation in September 2017 there has been 182,663 passengers serviced and the general amount of flight hours comprised 5098. The route network of the air carrier connects the cities of North-Caucasian and Southern Federal districts with each other and other regions of Russia directly, not through Moscow hub. The new Azimuth SSJ100 RA-89095 received the name Irtish continuing the programme of naming the aircraft after the greatest Russian rivers approved by the airline.


Honeywell Launches Aspire 400

Honeywell announced the availability of its newest satellite communications system, the Aspire 400, which provides aircraft flight crews and passengers with access to worldwide voice and data connectivity and provides pilots with critical cockpit safety services. The compact and lightweight system for business jets and commercial or military aircraft provides connectivity to both the cockpit and the cabin simultaneously, which in turn results in safer, more efficient and more comfortable flights than previously possible.

“As pilot and passenger demand for data and services continues to grow, our latest satellite communications system delivers superior call quality, video-conferencing and the ability to stream content in a single system. Plus, that system is more than 100 pounds lighter than comparable products,” said product director, Honeywell Aerospace Mark Goodman. “Aspire 400 helps our customers deliver consistent communications through a secure connection while reducing aircraft downtime and delays.”

The first release of the Aspire 400 satellite communication system includes the operator’s choice of either an intermediate-gain or a high-gain antenna. The system includes a satellite data unit, a configuration module, a high-power amplifier, and a diplexer/ low noise amplifier. The Aspire 400 provides connectivity to pilots and passengers alike through two independent SwiftBroadband channels and Inmarsat’s I-4 network. Using Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband–Safety service, pilots have access to a separate, secure data channel for essential safety communications in the cockpit – like text messaging with air traffic control or in-flight tracking – as well as electronic flight bag applications. Passengers can use the second channel for SwiftBroadband voice and data connectivity in the cabin.

Aspire 400 is the newest addition to Honeywell’s line of Aspire satellite communications systems, providing access to voice and data communications around the world. Exclusive to the innovative Aspire product family is the ability to install two different Aspire satcom systems on the same aircraft in ‘dual satcom’ mode. For example, the Aspire 400 system can be installed together with Honeywell’s new Aspire 350 system to provide redundancy over multiple networks.

With the Aspire 400, pilots, flight crews and passengers can access Honeywell’s suite of GoDirect software and apps, including GoDirect Cabin Connectivity. This application controls connectivity services and usage and can help operators save up to USD 100,000 per year. The Aspire 400 system is also a quick and easy upgrade for legacy satcom systems like MCS-7000 or MCS-7200.


Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company and S7 Group Signs First Letter of Intention for SSJ75

On April 26 at Eurasia Airshow the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company and S7 Group signed the Letter of Intention that determined the interest of both Parties to delivery of the new modification of the SSJ100 – the 75-seats version.

The parties agreed to make a decision till the end of summer 2018 upon the Agreement for 50 SSJ75 with an option for 25 more aircraft of this type with the term of the deliveries beginning marked in 2022. In that case S7 is to be the launch customer of the new modification.

Following the course for the SSJ100 further development and broadening the production line, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft company decided in February 2018 to create a version with reduced passenger capacity for 75 passengers.

“It is pleasant to see that the plans of SCAC concerning further improvement of the aircraft are supported by Russian leading carriers such as S7. We hope that our collaboration will result in competitive, efficient aircraft relevant for the market,” said President Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company, Alexander Rubtsov.

Supervisory council will be created as part of the new aircraft development program, it will consist of the SCAC and S7 representatives.

According to the assessments the perspective demand for such aircraft might reach 200-300 aircraft for Russian market and up to 3000 for foreign market.

In 2018 SCAC together with leading aviation centres – ‘TsAGI’, ‘VIAM’, ‘NIAT’ will start the creation of the 75-seated modification taking into consideration the requirements of the launch customer.

It is planned that the aircraft will be produced with maximum of Russian components. Together with the size optimisation it is planned to reduce the weight of the structural weight up to 10-15 per cent, to improve aerodynamics up to 10 per cent and reduce specific fuel consumption up to 5 per cent and increase the part of composition materials. The aim is also to cut operation and after-sales support costs.


Gulfstream G500 Establishes Eight New City-Pair Speed Records Across Continents

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp’s all-new G500 demonstrated both its maturity and reliability by establishing eight new city-pair speed records across continents. The G500 completed the flights as part of a customer-focused world tour.

“We have the confidence to take the fully outfitted G500 test aircraft directly to customers around the world and prove its unparalleled reliability, speed and comfort again and again,” said President Gulfstream, Mark Burns. “These city-pair records are additional indicators of the unmatched speed and performance of Gulfstream aircraft.”

In February, the G500 connected Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, the US and Europe in record time. Among its record-setting feats, the aircraft flew from Singapore to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 6 hours and 54 minutes at an average speed of Mach 0.90, and from Dubai to Lagos, Nigeria, in 7 hours and 35 minutes at the same speed.

The G500’s record-setting run continued into March when it linked Africa to South America with a flight from Luanda, Angola, to Foz Do Iguaçu International Airport in Brazil. The aircraft travelled at an average speed of Mach 0.90 to connect the continents in 8 hours and 13 minutes. The G500 then flew to Savannah in 7 hours and 40 minutes, also at Mach 0.90


Gulfstream To Extend Operating Hours and Add Capabilities in Beijing

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. on April 15 announced that its company-owned service centre in Beijing will extend its hours of operation, enhancing its support of operators based in and traveling through the region. During the second quarter of 2018, the facility at Beijing Capital International Airport will add a shift from 3:30 p.m. to midnight Monday through Friday.

To support the extra shift, Gulfstream Beijing will add approximately 10 technicians or inspectors.

The company also announced plans to add several capabilities to further enhance its support of operators based in Greater China, including Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) approval for 36-month heavy maintenance inspections for the G650 and G650ER.

“The additional shift at Gulfstream Beijing ensures that our customers receive the best support possible while travelling to or within China,” said President Product Support, Gulfstream, Derek Zimmerman. “Adding scheduled heavy maintenance inspections is part of our plan for the region as our aircraft there mature. These additions reflect our long-term strategy for ensuring our customers receive high-quality service, regardless of location.”

In 2018, Gulfstream Beijing also intends to seek CAAC approval for 96-month inspections for the G550 and G450; 72-month inspections for the G280; and 144-month inspections for the G200.

Gulfstream Beijing recently celebrated five years of successful operations. The facility, a joint venture between Gulfstream and HNA Technic, was the first factory-owned business-jet service centre in China when it opened in November 2012.


Textron Receives Orders for 52 Cessna Skyhawk Aircraft

Textron Aviation Inc., on April 17 announced at ABACE 2018 (Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition) that it has received orders for 52 Cessna Skyhawk aircraft. All deliveries are expected to be completed within 2018.

“China’s 13th Five-Year Plan brings out favourable policies to boost general aviation development, leading to unprecedented opportunities in the aviation training market. In China, the aviation market and pilot training are growing quickly and steadily, resulting in greater demand for high-quality training aircraft,” said vice president of International Sales, Greater China and Mongolia Textron Aviation, Kevin Wu. “Among Textron Aviation’s highly-recognised training products, the Cessna Skyhawk is known for its reliability, flexibility and economic efficiency, and it continues to be a leader in pilot training around the world.”

Hairuo General Aviation Co., Ltd. ordered 39 Cessna Skyhawk aircraft. “The world-renowned Cessna Skyhawk is the ideal aircraft for pilot training,” said President Hairuo General Aviation Co. Ltd., Maosen Chen. “Many of these newly purchased Cessna Skyhawks are for firm orders from end-customers ranging from aviation academies, aviation clubs, general aviation operators, newly established general aviation enterprises and flight schools. A few will join our own fleet to meet the growing needs for our aviation training business.”

Hubei Sky-Blue International Aviation Academy Co., Ltd ordered 13 Cessna Skyhawk aircraft. “Since its establishment in 2007, Hubei Sky- Blue International Aviation Academy Co., Ltd has acquired a fleet of Cessna Skyhawks,” said President Hubei Sky-Blue International Aviation Academy Co., Ltd., Song Jin.

Both Hairuo General Aviation Co., Ltd. and Hubei Sky-Blue International Aviation Academy Co., Ltd. are authorised sales representatives and service facilities for Cessna piston aircraft in China. Textron Aviation will continue to work with these two companies and other pilot training institutions dedicated to filling the gaps in China’s flight training market and propelling the growth of civil aviation.


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