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Equatorial Guinea Receives Two Mi-172 Helicopters

Mi-172 Helicopters

As part of the contract with the government of Equatorial Guinea, Russian Helicopters delivered two Mi-172 helicopters manufactured at Kazan Helicopters (KVZ) to the customer.

One of the helicopters produced under the contract is being delivered in the Salon VIP modification. The vehicle is designed for transportation of up to 12 passengers in greater comfort. The custom-made interior is equipped with all the necessary up-to-date hardware and uses high-quality materials. The second Mi-172 has been transferred in the passenger modification. It can transport up to 26 people in comfortable conditions.

“Equatorial Guinea is a long-time partner of Russian Helicopters. In 2006, we also delivered two Mi-172 helicopters in Salon VIP and Passenger modifications to the country. I would like to note that Russian helicopters are popular in Africa due to their advantages: reliability, easy operation, good price/ quality ratio. Therefore, I am sure that this contract will not be the last one,” said CEO, Russian Helicopters, Andrey Boginsky.

The Mi-172 is one of the Mi-17 pattern helicopters that is certified for passenger transportation and has established itself as a reliable vehicle with a high level of safety. The Mi-172 is a classical single-rotor helicopter with an anti-torque rotor and a twin-engine power unit. The improved performance of the helicopter meets special requirements for passenger transportation. In addition to the passenger and VIP modifications, there are also transport, medical and evacuation, search and rescue, military and firefighting models of this vehicle. Specific features of the Mi-172 include the large power reserve of the power unit, excellent altitude characteristics, a spacious cockpit, various options of avionics, and autonomous preparation for flights and maintenance.

The Mi-8/17 pattern helicopters are designed for operation in any climatic conditions as they can be used in a wide temperature range (from -50 degree Celsius to +50 degree Celsius). Today, there are a total of 400 Mi-8/17 helicopters in African countries.


Russian Helicopters Signs Contract for Ansat Helicopters in China

Russian Helicopters Signs Contract for Ansat Helicopters in China

The Russian Helicopters signed a contract for delivery of 20 Ansat helicopters for Chinese Association for Disaster & Emergency Rescue Medicine (CADERM) during Air Show China 2018. The rotorcrafts will be delivered to the customer in multi-purpose configuration.

The helicopters are to provide primary medical care and emergency medical evacuation of patients and can be used in difficult terrain and in remote areas with hindered transport accessibility. In addition, the medical module of Ansat provides for resuscitation, intensive care and monitoring of the main bodily functions of an injured person during transportation to a hospital.

“The fact that we signed the contract today means that Ansat helicopters fully comes onto the international market. These helicopters have proved to be very effective during the implementation of the air ambulance development programme in Russia, and now they will also save lives in China. The production capacity of Kazan Helicopter plant will provide for supply to both Russian and foreign customers. We plan to validate the Ansat certificate in China before the end of 2018 and to supply all machines under this contract in 2019 and 2020,” said CEO, Russian Helicopters, Andrey Boginsky.

The signing of this agreement brings cooperation between China and Russia in the field of civil aviation to a new level. The acquisition of Ansat helicopters for the CADERM indicates the highest level of trust in our technology,” said industrial director, Rostec Aviation Cluster, Anatoly Serdyukov.

In Russia Ansat medical helicopters are successfully used for providing air medical services. These helicopters save people in the Volgograd Region, the Kurgan Region, the Kirov Region, the Kostroma Region, the Pskov Region, the Nizhny Novgorod Region and in Tatarstan. Since 2017, as part of the federal project on ensuring timely provision of emergency medical care to citizens living in remote areas of the Russian Federation, 11 Ansat medical helicopters have been handed over to regional emergency services, and seven helicopters will be delivered before the end of the year.

Besides, in September 2018 Russian Helicopters, the National Air Ambulance Service (NSSA) and Avia Capital Services LLC signed a contract for supplying 104 medically equipped helicopters of this type.


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