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Along with L&T, Nexter is set to develop Indian artillery systems

Nexter, a KNDS company (Nexter+KMW Defence Systems) is one of the world’s leading land defence systems group with a large range of products and services. Nexter expertise includes armoured vehicles (VBCI, TITUS®), artillery systems (105LG1, TRAJAN®, CAESAR® family) but also land, naval and aeronautic weapon systems.

Since delivering its first artillery gun in 1764, Nexter has acquired extensive know-how in artillery. Systems developed by the company have always set the standard, and this remains the case with CAESAR®.

Those two centuries of experience have established Nexter as a leader in artillery systems, enabling the company to offer a full range of products, from guns and ammunition to ballistic computers. Nexter’s range of solutions also covers integrated training, maintenance support services, and the complete operational/ logistics environment of an artillery battalion.

The range of Nexter artillery guns, which are in service in several armies and combat proven, includes:

  • CAESAR® truck-mounted artillery system equipped with a 155mm/52 calibre gun. Enjoying extraordinary mobility, superior firepower, and ‘shoot and scoot’ capability, CAESAR® is currently in production and in service in four armies. The CAESAR® is now available on a 6x6 or 8x8 chassis.
  • The TRAJAN® towed artillery system incorporates CAESAR®’s combat-proven 155mm/52 calibre gun with a towed gun chassis, providing all the flexibility of towed systems.

In India, Nexter is positioned as a privileged player and is ready to contribute to the development of the defence industry. In fact, Nexter has teamed up with Larsen & Toubro (L&T) to propose an Indian version of the CAESAR® to soldiers of the Indian Army for the Mounted Gun System (MGS) programme. The two companies have signed another Consortium Agreement to create a partnership for the 155 mm Towed Gun System (TGS) programme for Indian Army. They have developed the TRAJAN®, which is currently in contention.

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