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Collins Mechanical Systems has a range of military solutions on offer for India

Yunus Dar

The President of Collins’ Mechanical Systems, Sam Mehta, said his company sees huge demand in the Indian aerospace market and is very optimistic about future demand. He said the company is planning to expand its operations and offer the entire line of services and products in the aerospace sector.

Left & Right: President of Collins’ Mechanical Systems, Sam Mehta and GNC & T Business Development Manager, Mission Systems, Elizabeth Valeron

In the defence sector, he said the company is looking to partner in India’s indigenous helicopter programmes, being undertaken by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). He said the company hopes to tie up for supply of its hoist technologies in indigenously manufactured helicopters. The company is interested not only in building products like hoists but also servicing and repairing, he reiterated.

In addition to the ISR capability within the company’s mission systems strategic business unit, Collins is offering a range of MEMS (Micro-electro-mechanical systems) tactical grade inertial technology which could be used to enable India to develop its own indigenous precision guided missile and guided projectile technology.

Commenting on their presence at Aero India, Sam Mehta said, “We have thousands of products that we offer at Collins Aerospace. So, it’s not just necessarily focusing on displaying or emphasising on one product. Whether it’s civil aviation or military aviation, you will find that we have significant content on just about every platform. It’s more about showcasing our company, than our capabilities and this is our first Aero India where we have the legacy of United Technologies Aerospace and legacy of Rockwell Collins coming together. It’s our first time at Aero India as Collins Aerospace.”

Mehta said Aero India is a unique opportunity to connect with customers, suppliers, and most importantly, the supply chain. He said the company had partnership with suppliers in India for decades. We take full advantage of the supply chain that exists in India, he said. In India, every supplier is a partner.

He said this time around, the company got in touch with unprecedented number of suppliers at the Aero India 2019, and the event was unprecedented in size and scope.

Collins has expanded its presence in India, with the India design centres in Hyderabad and Bengaluru being more prominent of them. The centre focuses on technology areas such as flight management systems, flight display applications, navigation systems, flight controls, fly by wire, systems engineering, information management systems, terrain awareness systems, IT application development and a host of other innovations.

The new centres set up in India by the company have enabled it to support local and international governments, aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and defence contractors with engineering design services and systems. Between the local design centre in Hyderabad and a facility near New Delhi, Collins Aerospace continues to grow and invest in India, transfer technology and provide open, affordable solutions to military and commercial partners and customers.

Collins Aerospace has been building capabilities and relationships before any other companies were here, investing and expanding their base across sectors. Added Mehta, “So it’s been a long patient investment, but we think the time is now and we see the growth. A large part of Indian population has never been on aeroplane, and then we see the Indians like everyone else in the world have an appetite to travel, whether it’s within India or outside, so I think we have only begun to tap that market.”

“We have longstanding relationship with a variety of airlines and operators. We have significant content in just about every aircraft that currently operates in India. We also have longstanding relationship with some of the airports. The Collins Aerospace has the ability to be able to support infrastructure of the airports. In Delhi airport, for instance, the kiosks, the displays – not only as you get on the aeroplane but also as you get into an airport, are supplied by Collins Aerospace. So, we think the opportunity in India is not just civilian, not just defence and not just products, we see it as being a big part of entire aviation ecosystem,” he pointed out.

The company also said it has been ‘Making in India’ for over two decades now and is a major exporter of aerospace products. The company has helped establish many aerospace-quality suppliers in the region who now manufacture world-class products for it and other companies around the world. India has a very talented workforce and both OEMs and the Indian industry can benefit from engaging this talent.


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