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Rolls-Royce aims high, working towards creating in India

Smruti Deshpande

In a media round table during the show, Rolls Royce highlighted its long partnership with India and how the company aims at taking ‘Make in India’ to another level by ‘Create in India’. The highpoint of the discussion was the capabilities of MT30 engines and EM 50-2 Bridge System.

Kishore Jayaraman and Louise Donaghey

A gas turbine engine, MT30, can deliver its full power of up to 40 MW in ambient temperatures of up to 38 degree Centigrade without any power degradation, allowing the vessel to operate anywhere in the world without loss of performance or power. It is known to be the world’s most power-dense marine gas turbine in service today.

MT30 has been operating in all conceivable propulsion arrangements across seven ship types in 10 naval programmes around the world, includes mechanical, hybrid and fully integrated-electric, with power delivered to water-jets, controllable and fixed-pitch propellers, depending on application.

Addressing the round table, president, Rolls Royce India and South Asia, Kishore Jayaraman said, “Our MTU engines currently propel and power many Indian Coast Guard and Indian Navy vessels, as well as India’s indigenously built Arjun Main Battle Tanks. More than 750 Rolls-Royce engines of 10 different types are powering aircraft of the Indian military supported by a dedicated defence service delivery centre in Bengaluru.”

EM 50-2 is an advanced marine automation system that acts as an integrated bridge enabling access to all information that is crucial for efficient ship operation. It collates information previously scattered over diverse displays at a standardized display using a single graphic interface which enables faster overview using an ultra-modern visuals concept.


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