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BEL uses Artificial Intelligence in a range of its production processes

A FORCE Report

Way back in the Sixties, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) was known for the vacuum tubes used in the old radio sets that helped tune into the right frequencies. It was and continues to be one of the leading public sector undertakings in Bengaluru, the hub of India’s defence manufacturing. A pioneer then, with 65 years of experience, BEL is a leader in defence electronics.

From the days of humble vacuum tubes, BEL has now come of age, producing a range of defence electronics including radars, naval systems, electronic warfare suites, weapon systems, C4I systems among a vast portfolio of advanced electronics, chiefly for the defence forces, but not limited to them. From the earlier work benches, BEL now boasts of state-of-the-art products, systems and processes, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a range of production processes. Some of these include:


IoT Based Smart Maintenance of Heavy Vehicles

Mine Trucks/ Earth Movers/ Military Tanks used for heavy duty applications need accurate and timely smart maintenance in order to avoid huge failure and reduce repair costs. The monitored values are transferred to cloud and compared with historical data for deviation and alerts sent to take action. Cloud can further be used for networking among vehicles.


Social Network Analysis (SNA)

In the current scenario, it is very challenging to get information about reach of organised gangs, impact of unwanted activities etc. An AI-based Social Network Analysis (SNA) can help analyse various activities logged by various groups and their corresponding effects.


Autonomous Sensor Networks for Surveillance 

The project is aimed to design a framework for aerial and ground surveillance by share sensor data, modelled and distributed to the system, which can take quick actions to enhance the situational awareness at real time by combining UAV, UGV, sensor networks and cloud computing technology. This set up of Security and Surveillance can function in modes like fully autonomous, human on the loop and human in the loop.

Automated Information Extraction and Synthesis

As manual processing of large amount of information from heterogeneous sources is cumbersome, AI-based solution performs document clustering, advanced searching and relationship extraction. System automation enables to extract the required information on the flow and also synthesise with already available data. It reduces the effort to extract essential information and enables effective information relationship extraction for data fusion.


Intelligence and Reconnaissance

Conventional methods of information analysis are time consuming and complex in nature. There is a need for Automated Intelligence (INT) Cycle and effective report generation using Military Ontology concepts to corroborate enormous data received in the form of Audio, Video, Text and imagery.


Cyber Security – Malware Detection in Android 

A framework using comprehensive data flow analysis coupled with machine learning/ Deep Learning is proposed to distinguish between a benign and malicious android application.  System is complemented with the multiple approaches to detect benign-ness/ maliciousness and remove the malicious application.


Face Recognition for Security Applications

AI-based face recognition and data base for identifying persons and generate alerts. The system shall work even in conditions like partial occlusion of face, wearing spectacles/scarfs, change in facial expression etc. Provision to add photographs obtained from law enforcement agencies to the criminals’ repositories tagged for sex, age, scars, tattoos etc for future searches.

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