Bottomline | Pravin Sawhney

Hostage to Numbers (February 2018)
China’s increasing assertiveness on LAC will impact Indian Army’s modernisation

Keep the Bluster Aside (January 2018)
Talks are the only way to move ahead with Pakistan

Hafiz Saeed walks free (December 2017)
India’s energies should now be spent on dealing with the real bogey, the Pakistan Army

Choose Wisely (November 2017)
That’s what the IAF should do before selecting a single-engine fighter aircraft

No Shortcuts (October 2017)
Capability development needs investment of resources, time and genuine hand-holding

Lessons From Doklam (August 2017)
Serious issues deserve political and military gravitas not rhetoric

Modi Meets Trump (July 2017)
India should review its relationship with the US on the lines of NSSP

Two’s a Company (May 2017)
Between India and Pakistan, there is no room for a third party

No Child’s Play (April 2017)
Talking casually about nuclear weapons is both irresponsible and dangerous

The Big Picture in the East (March 2017)
Prime Minister Modi’s participation in the OBOR Summit can only have positive spin-offs

Sea, the Challenge (February 2017)
The second edition of Raisina Dialogue created space for the Indian perspective

Dangerous Game (January 2017)
By even talking about Agni-6, India may start a race it cannot win

Change in Guard (December 2016)
Agreeing to unconditional talks with Pakistan will be in India’s interest

Reality Check (September 2016)
Opening multiple fronts exposes India to grave danger

Diffident Dialogue (April 2016)
At its own party, India found itself alone and defensive

Slogans Are Not Enough (December 2015)
India needs a cogent plan to tackle China at various levels