IAI Announces Sale of Integrated Air Defense Radar and ESM to a European Country

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has secured a contract to supply a Multi-Sensor Multi-Mission Radar (MS-MMR) system to a European country’s air defence system. Developed and produced by IAI’s ELTA Systems, the MS-MMR integrates an Electronic Support Measures (ESM) system (ELL-8385) into the MMR (ELM-2084), enhancing the radar’s capabilities in detecting and recognizing airborne threats.


The passive ESM sensor significantly improves the radar’s ability to detect and classify airborne threats by identifying their electromagnetic signatures. It aids in discriminating between closely spaced targets and detecting emitting targets with low radar cross-sections, thereby extending the radar’s range and detection performance. By merging radar and ESM data, the MS-MMR enhances tracking accuracy and provides a more comprehensive Air Situational Picture (ASP) to the air defence system.


Adi Dulberg, VP and GM of IAI ELTA’s Intelligence, Communications, and Electronic Warfare Division, highlighted the effectiveness of combining passive ESM and active radar for air defense. This integrated approach enhances threat detection and identification capabilities, ultimately bolstering the security of the customer’s air defense system by delivering superior threat intelligence.




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