Rolls-Royce Will Showcase its Range Technologies at DSEI in London

Rolls-Royce will showcase its range of innovative technologies at DSEI in London this week.

The exhibition booth will demonstrate capabilities that meet Rolls-Royce’s mission to innovate efficient and sustainable power solutions to meet customers’ operational requirements and to protect our planet, secure our world and explore our universe.

At DSEI, Rolls-Royce will get an opportunity to display the new Pioneers of Power video and app– exploring Defence growth opportunities outside of the traditional gas turbine and services market. The Pioneers of Power project also explores how the Defence business can contribute to wider corporate objectives such as sustainability, electrification, and the development of digital technologies.

On the Rolls-Royce stand, the products on display will include Rolls-Royce’s new power and propulsion model, demonstrating the organisation’s extensive capabilities for both Integrated Full Electric and Hybrid Electric Propulsion solutions for modern naval vessels. Rolls-Royce is the only manufacturer in the world that has provided naval marine gas turbine generators into front-line integrated full electric (IFEP) powered destroyers and aircraft carriers. Rolls-Royce has extensive and proven experience in IFEP powered warships. The Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers are powered by Rolls-Royce’s WR-21 engines. Two MT30 main gas turbine generator sets, and two Rolls-Royce RR4500 auxiliary turbine generator sets supply power to U.S. Navy’s Zumwalt-class destroyers. The Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers combine two MT30 gas turbine alternators. They will also be showcasing our naval capabilities as part of the Royal Navy stand.

Other models on display include the V-TEG and deployable hybrid microgrid model and our micro-reactor. Future Combat will also form part of their showcase at DSEI including their involvement in Team Tempest.

A press statement from Rolls Royce stated, “Our ability to develop cutting-edge technologies to meet global power needs, teamed with our advanced power and propulsion systems means we will play a major part in the next-generation fighter jet strategy to ensure Team Tempest leads the world in the combat air sector. Our Tempest video will also be showcased as part of the Tempest display on the Royal Air Force stand.”




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