Naval Group Expresses Disappointment at Australia’s New Deal With the US

Naval Group on 16 September 2021 released a statement regarding Australia’s new nuclear submarine deal with the US under the newly formed AUKUS. The release stated, “Naval Group takes note of the decision of the Australian authorities to acquire a fleet of nuclear submarines in collaboration with the United States and the United Kingdom.”

The Commonwealth decided not to proceed with the next phase of the programme. The note added, “This is a major disappointment for Naval Group, which was offering Australia a regionally superior conventional submarine with exceptional performances. Naval Group was also offering Australia a sovereign submarine capability making unrivalled commitments in terms of technology transfer, jobs, and local content.”

For five years, Naval Group teams, both in France and in Australia, as well as their partners, had given their best and Naval Group had delivered on all its commitments.

The analysis of the consequences of this sovereign Australian decision would be conducted with the Commonwealth of Australia in the coming days.



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