India has Successfully Completed Two Pilot Projects of the Indo-Pak and the Indo-Bangladesh Border

Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System has successfully been installed on 10km along the Indo-Pak border and 71 km on the Indo-Bangladesh border.

Next Stage II and Stage III of the project would be taken up which would cover 1955 kilometres of our border. The CIBMS will help the BSF detect cross border crime like illegal infiltration, smuggling ets.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the project BOLDQIT (Border Electronically Dominated QRT interception technique under the CIBMS along the Indo-Bangladesh border in Dubri district in Assam on March 5.

The Ministry of Home affairs has decided to use technological solutions to further enhance the capabilities the capabilities of the BSF to fight cross border crime. This project will help integrate manpower with technology to improve situational awareness. At different levels of hierarchy to facilitate prompt and informed decision making and quick reaction to emerging situation.


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