IAF, Army Move Towards Joint Ops in Ladakh

The Indian Air Force and the Indian Army will now hold operations jointly in order to combat the looming Chinese threat in Eastern Ladakh.

A senior Air Force commander currently posted in Ladakh told ANI, “The instructions from the top at Air Headquarters are clear that whatever requirements are projected by the Army and other security forces here have to be fulfilled. The results are here for everybody to see.”

The commander added that the Army regularly updates the IAF on the situation on ground so they can enhance their domain awareness and further conduct joint operations in case the need arises. The IAF has commanded that the requirements of the Army be fulfilled and has stationed several of its transport aircraft such as C-17, Ilyushin-76 and the C130J Super Hercules in Ladakh.

The commander further told ANI that while the Chinooks were already engaged in air maintenance, Apaches would help if the two sides engaged in a tank battle in high altitude wide valleys of the Indus and other rivers in the Eastern Ladakh sector.

Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat and the heads of both armed forces often meet to discuss joint actions against the Chinese forces.



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