HENSOLDT’s PEGASUS SIGINT System Advances with Approval for System Design

The PEGASUS Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) system has transitioned into the implementation phase following the approval of its design by sensor solution provider HENSOLDT. The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology, and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has sanctioned a pivotal project milestone – the Critical Design Review (CDR) – signalling the green light for system design implementation.


The CDR marked a comprehensive evaluation by representatives from Bundeswehr, including the public customer and prospective users, scrutinizing the SIGINT components’ design within the PEGASUS weapon system. The extensive planning aligned with the customer’s multifaceted requirements showcased through numerous detailed presentations. Additionally, the project’s advancement was demonstrated through software and hardware displays.


In a subsequent phase, subcontractor Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg, presented an impressive strategy for integrating the reconnaissance system into the aircraft and outlined the related conversion measures.


Jürgen Halder, Vice President of Airborne SIGINT at HENSOLDT, highlighted the successful collaboration between Bundeswehr and HENSOLDT: “The closely-knit partnership ensured wide acceptance of the presented design. The ‘KALAETRON Integral’ reconnaissance solution underscores a globally unparalleled, high-performance reconnaissance capability rooted in robust German technology.”


Two years ago, HENSOLDT secured the contract to deliver an airborne electronic signals intelligence system aboard Bombardier business jets, based on its SIGINT system “Kalætron Integral,” with a contract value exceeding one billion euros. HENSOLDT oversees the project as the general contractor, working in conjunction with Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg, responsible for aircraft procurement, modification, and integration of the HENSOLDT-developed reconnaissance system into the aircraft. Nearly 30 companies, including numerous SMEs from across Germany, participate in the project as suppliers and partners.



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