Boeing HorizonX India Innovation Challenge Enters Final Round with 13 Startups

Boeing and T-Hub announced the last lap of the Boeing HorizonX India Innovation Challenge. Launched in November 2017, the challenge aims to discover and accelerate potentially transformative aerospace innovation from India. Thirteen startups out of 80 shortlisted entries and six teams from Boeing’s research and technology centre have made it to the final round of the innovation challenge.

The selected startups and internal teams will now work on perfecting their ideas and concepts to develop disruptive solutions and tackle complex challenges in multiple areas of aerospace, including autonomous and unmanned systems, advanced manufacturing, industrial IOT and automation, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The winners will be declared after the teams successfully complete their accelerator programme.

As part of a showcase session organised for the finalists, global startups associated with Boeing’s HorizonX and Indian startups presented their innovations to an audience that comprised potential customers and investors.

“Boeing is excited about India’s potential for step-change innovation which could define the future of aerospace across the globe,” said president, Boeing India Pratyush Kumar. “We are building the future of aerospace, incubated and started right here in India by partnering with innovative companies.”

“Innovation and technology are at the heart of what Boeing does. It is what differentiates us, as Boeing connects, protects, explores and inspires the world through aerospace innovation,” said Disruptive Horizons director with Boeing HorizonX Pradeep Fernandes.

Launched in April 2017, Boeing HorizonX functions as a pathfinder organisation for Boeing. The team makes targeted investments in new ventures and startups; seeks unique business opportunities for the company’s aerospace technology; and assesses disruptive innovations and business strategies.


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