Ansat Helicopter Equipped With 270 kg Capacity Winch

The Kazan Helicopters of the Russian Helicopters holding company received approval from the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) to install an onboard hoist winch on the Ansat helicopter. The new option expands the helicopter’s functionality, allowing it to safely lift and lower people and cargo weighing up to 272 kg.

The onboard winch increases the efficiency of the helicopter in search and rescue operations and allows to carry out loading and unloading operations while hovering. It can be easily mounted and dismounted using quick couplings. While using the winch, it is still possible to access the engine compartment for servicing.

“The new option increases the competitiveness and commercial attractiveness of Ansat for potential customers interested in the versatility of the helicopter they are purchasing”, said Managing Director of Kazan Helicopters Plant Aleksey Belykh,.






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