Delivery and Commissioning of the Humaitá, the Second Brazilian Scorpène® Submarine Entirely Made in Brazil

On January 12th, the Brazilian Navy commissioned the second Scorpène® submarine of the ProSub program, the Humaitá, at the Itaguaí Naval base. The ceremony was attended by José Mucio Monteiro, the Brazilian Minister of Defence, and Emmanuel Chiva, the French General Delegate for Armaments. Constructed entirely in Brazil by Itaguaí Construções Navais (ICN) through a Transfer of Technology from Naval Group, the Humaitá successfully completed sea trials and is now in service with the Brazilian Navy.


The ProSub program aims to strengthen the Brazilian Navy with four Scorpène® submarines, with the first, the Riachuelo, commissioned in September 2022. The remaining two submarines, Tonelero and Angostura, are scheduled for launch in 2024 and 2025, respectively.


Pierre Éric Pommellet, CEO of Naval Group, expressed pride in the success of the cooperation with ICN and the long-term collaboration with Brazil. He emphasized the collective effort to enhance the Brazilian Navy and industry, contributing to the country’s regional and global influence.


The delivery of the Humaitá signifies the achievement of technology transfer between Naval Group and ICN, showcasing cutting-edge equipment manufactured in Brazil. This event underscores Naval Group’s robust international presence and its capability to facilitate ambitious technology transfers through international partnerships.


Naval Group, a strategic partner for Brazilian sovereignty since 2009, was chosen by the Brazilian Navy for the ProSub program within the French-Brazilian strategic defense cooperation agreement. The Scorpène® submarines are manufactured in the Itaguaí shipyard by ICN, with technology transfer, submarine design files, and equipment supplied by Naval Group. The company also trained ICN shipyard teams in submarine construction techniques in France.


Naval Group has contributed to the development of a strong Brazilian naval industrial ecosystem by selecting and qualifying local suppliers. This support extends beyond the construction phase, as Naval Group assists the Brazilian Navy in designing and constructing its first nuclear-powered submarine, providing support throughout the submarines’ entire life cycle.


Scorpène®, a versatile and stealthy submarine, equipped with the latest combat system SUBTICS®, is a key reference for navies globally. The Brazilian Scorpène® submarines, adapted to specific naval requirements, will feature Naval Group’s new-generation F21 heavy-weight torpedo, making Brazil its first international client.



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