U.S.-India Business Council Launches AI Task Force, Boosting Leadership in Artificial Intelligence

The U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC) of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announces the establishment of its AI Task Force (AI-TF), a significant initiative aimed at aligning U.S. and Indian leadership in artificial intelligence (AI). Led by USIBC, the AI-TF will work towards advancing AI concepts and principles, facilitating multistakeholder processes, and fostering the development and commercialization of AI technologies. This initiative builds upon the Chamber of Commerce’s AI principles and endorsement of the OECD’s recommendations on AI.


Ambassador Atul Keshap, President of USIBC, stated, “The launch of the AI Task Force marks a pivotal moment as we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. Our strategic goal is clear: to harness the vast potential of AI, driving competitiveness in both the U.S. and Indian economies while upholding our shared values and democratic principles. Together, we aim to shape a future where AI serves as a catalyst for progress, driving economic prosperity and societal advancement.”


The AI-TF’s leadership includes industry experts Kamal Ahluwalia, President at Ikigai Labs, and Todd Skinner, President of International at TransUnion, alongside USIBC Board Chairman and Executive Vice Chairman of Nasdaq, Ed Knight. Knight commented, “The establishment of USIBC’s AI-TF is a significant step towards fostering deeper collaboration on transformative technologies. The Task Force will promote a principled approach to AI adoption, ensuring its safe and secure utilization. USIBC looks forward to ongoing discussions with both the U.S. and India as we strengthen our countries’ AI leadership.”


Dr. Sethuraman Panchanathan, Director of the U.S. National Science Foundation, emphasized the importance of partnerships in shaping a trustworthy and secure AI enterprise. He stated, “AI’s rapid advancement necessitates collaborative efforts among researchers to drive innovation while upholding shared values and principles.”


Matthew Pine, President and CEO of Xylem, highlighted the importance of collaboration in addressing global challenges. “Partnerships are essential to providing communities with solutions to tackle water challenges,” Pine said. “Xylem is committed to collaboration, as demonstrated by the Reservoir Center for Water Solutions, and we are honored to collaborate with Director Panchanathan and USIBC on the AI Task Force.”



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