Safe Integration of Drones into Airspace Gets Closer: HENSOLDT Commissioned for Detect-and-Avoid Radar Study

HENSOLDT, a leading sensor solutions provider, is taking its collision warning system for civil and military drones to new heights with the development of a “detect-and-avoid radar.” The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has commissioned HENSOLDT for a demonstrator study, marking a significant step towards the safe integration of drones into controlled airspace.


The German customer has set requirements for investigating the implementation of a gradual and full-scale airspace integration of the EURODRONE. As part of this process, a Detect-and-Avoid (DAA) system is envisioned, which will be developed in a gradual series of advancements.


Building upon its longstanding partnership with the German Armed Forces in radar technology, HENSOLDT has conducted risk-minimizing national and European studies focused on conceiving and designing a specialized radar sensor system for the DAA system. The successful flight test campaigns and obtained results from these studies have already demonstrated the functional capability of the radar.


The “detect-and-avoid radar” serves as a crucial sensor within a complex DAA system onboard unmanned aerial vehicles. It plays a critical role in calculating evasive maneuvers for collision avoidance by detecting, classifying, and tracking approaching objects in the airspace. The multifunctional design of this radar also allows for the integration of weather radar functionality and the potential to support a separate landing aid.


The current commissioned study for the DAA radar encompasses the investigation of technical feasibility for the EURODRONE project, verification through a near-series demonstrator, and risk minimization for future series development. As this novel radar system is a flight- and mission-critical component, the study focuses on implementing safety requirements and obtaining approvals from national and international aviation safety authorities (EASA, LBA) and military organizations (LufABw).


The development of the “detect-and-avoid radar” by HENSOLDT is a significant advancement towards achieving safe and efficient drone operations within controlled airspace, ensuring the continued progress of unmanned aerial systems in various civil and military applications.



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