HENSOLDT Launches Deployable Variant of “Twinvis” Passive Radar

HENSOLDT, a leading sensor solution provider, has introduced a new version of its “Twinvis” passive radar, now available as the fully integrated “Twinvis Military Sheltered” variant for military applications. This innovative solution allows covert operations at extended distances, enhancing military surveillance capabilities.


Previously, “Twinvis” was offered as a setup kit for integration by customers. However, HENSOLDT’s new production line in Ulm, Germany, now enables the rapid deployment of systems to meet the immediate needs of existing and prospective customers.


“Twinvis” stands as a passive radar built on cutting-edge digital technology, suitable for long-range military airspace surveillance and potential use in civil air traffic control. Functioning solely as a receiver, this passive radar identifies targets by analyzing signals reflected from existing third-party transmitters.


Markus Rothmaier, Head of Naval & Ground Radars at HENSOLDT, emphasizes, “Our fully automated, intelligent signal processing and sensor data fusion opens up an unprecedented possibility for armed forces to conduct covert operations at long range for a wide range of targets up to and including stealth threats. The ‘Twinvis’ is highly mobile and networkable in real time for this purpose. And it can do so either as an autonomously operating cluster of several distributed passive radars or paired with powerful air defense systems with active radar sensors.”


The “Twinvis Sheltered” variant can be easily deployed on military carrier vehicles, requiring only two personnel for setup and dismantling in the field. The system’s design enables autonomous operation, even without on-site personnel. It comprises a high-performance antenna unit, processor, and infrastructure components. Its modular architecture supports various digital frequency bands, providing room for growth and incremental upgrades.


Several contracts for the “Twinvis” system have already been secured with customers both within and outside NATO, reflecting its growing recognition and demand.



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