RAFAEL Secures Comprehensive Maintenance Support Services Contract with Asian Navy

RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce its successful bid for a new contract with an Asian nation to provide comprehensive maintenance support services for the navy’s operational systems.


This multi-year agreement, valued at 100 million Shekels (30 million dollars), encompasses maintenance services for a range of crucial naval systems. The services will cover TYPHOON and MINI-TYPHOON remotely-controlled naval weapon stations, Naval SPIKE ER and NLOS missile systems, EO surveillance systems, and EW Integrated Decoy Systems (IDS).


The contract represents a significant step in enhancing the technological and operational collaboration between RAFAEL and the respective navy. Furthermore, it will establish maintenance capabilities for additional systems, further solidifying the partnership.


Mr. Ran Tavor, Vice President and Head of RAFAEL’s Naval Warfare Systems directorate, expressed gratitude to the customer for strengthening the collaboration with RAFAEL and for placing confidence in this groundbreaking initiative. With its proven track record in developing and manufacturing naval systems, RAFAEL is well-equipped to deliver effective maintenance services to the navy, ensuring the highest level of operational capability.


This agreement aligns with RAFAEL’s strategic intent to expand its involvement in maintenance and customer support endeavors, both domestically and globally. By engaging in projects like this, RAFAEL aims to enhance its collaboration with partners, enrich shared knowhow, and contribute to the development of optimized capabilities for future operations.



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