Texelis Unveils CELERIS: Advanced Mobility Design Solutions

Texelis proudly announces the launch of CELERIS, a cutting-edge turnkey offering aimed at revolutionizing vehicle mobility. This new solution, unveiled on November 28, is geared toward Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and institutional partners seeking to elevate their vehicle portfolios by seamlessly integrating modern, high-performance, military-grade mobility solutions without the complexities of developing new mobility technologies.


CELERIS presents a unique opportunity for companies venturing into the vehicle market. It provides a fully developed, qualified, and proven mobility solution, facilitating a smooth entry into the industry.


Developing a new 4×4 vehicle demands mastery across diverse fields, from mobility to armor and systems integration, in an intensely competitive market. Texelis recognizes the challenges faced by OEMs aspiring to introduce a 4×4 vehicle. Typically, OEMs have two options: to build on a commercial chassis, benefiting from cost advantages and spare parts availability, yet compromising on military-quality mobility, control over components, lifecycle management, and adaptation to military requirements. Alternatively, developing a custom mobility solution guarantees performance, control, lifecycle management, and alignment with end-user needs, but it comes with significant expenses and risk if commercial success isn’t assured.


CELERIS, however, bridges these gaps. It offers a hassle-free, customized, turnkey solution, empowering partners with their dedicated mobility solution tailored to their needs, along with a tailored support system.


The CELERIS 4×4 comprises 12 base kits and over 30 optional kits, catering to various configurations, intended uses, and performance requirements. It accommodates both self-supporting body vehicles and ladder-frame vehicles, offering versatility across a wide range of architectures.


At the core of CELERIS 4×4 are Texelis T750 axles, complemented by a Cummins ISL9 Euro 3 diesel engine generating 375hp and an Allison 3200SP transmission with a two-speed plus neutral transfer case.


CELERIS draws from Texelis’ extensive expertise gained through its involvement in the Scorpion program for the French Army, particularly the Serval program. This experience has enabled Texelis to transition from axle design to offering comprehensive mobility packages, collaborating with top-tier OEMs such as French Defense leader Nexter, a company of KNDS.


CELERIS assures reliability, cost competitiveness, over 30 years of lifecycle management, and access to spares, making it an attractive solution for OEMs seeking mobility innovations.


It’s not just a rolling chassis; CELERIS offers a complete environment. Texelis’ team of experts supports customers throughout prototype development and initial vehicle series, enabling partners to gain autonomy and control over their vehicles and their support systems.


CELERIS marks a significant leap forward in vehicle mobility, with Texelis already securing a launch customer and aiming to expand its global reach. The platform’s evolution continues, with a 6×6 variant currently under development, open for discussions.



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