Bangalore-based SATTVA Aero Accessories and Systems Private Limited (AASPL) has designed, developed, certified and supplied the Main and Nose Landing Gear Actuators and Flap Test Rig for the SARAS aircraft developed by National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bangalore. According to SKB Parekh, MD, Sattva Aero Accessories and Systems Private Limited (Sattva AASPL), “The directors and the technical team at Sattva AASPL, have, in their previous positions, headed independent business units involving 1000-4000 people in each unit. Apart from this, the directors and technical team have also handled all aspects of the aerospace business and are fully familiar with the procedures of R&D as well as productionbased activities.”

The company has designed and developed FFF electrical generators of 5 kW and 20 kW for military aviation purposes, 12 kW Starter Motor for civil aviation and Electro Mechanical Linear Actuator (EMLA), for surface actuation systems. The company has also been involved in the design, development, certification and supply of electro mechanical actuators, armatures for different motors and generators, and Test Rig for performance check of Engine Control Box for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Engine Division, Bangalore. The company has bid for a number of projects which are expected to fructify, some of them being Fuel Booster Pump for airborne applications, design and development of Stator Motor for Engine Starting system in mid air, Rotor Brake system for helicopter, MGB (Main Gear Box), Oil Cooling system and Oil Pump for helicopter and High Speed Alternator and its controller for aero engine programmes. AASPL was founded with the intention of entering into the indigenous design, development, production and delivery of electrical motors, electrical generators, hydraulic systems and all kinds of actuators for the aerospace industry. AASPL has developed products suitable for both civil and military aviation and has won contracts from DRDO laboratories.

Sattva AASPL is already in dialogue with various foreign companies who are ready to use the techn o l o g y and products available and have offered alternate solutions for Indian programmes which will bring offset opportunities for them. Certified by International Quality Management Systems standards AS9100/ISO 9001, AASPL received the Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries (SIATI) award for ‘Excellence in Aerospace Indigenisation’ during Aero India 2009. AASPL has kept itself updated on the latest and available technologies to provide engineering solutions to its customers and not only technology upgrades.


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