Nexter and STV Group Signed a Cooperation Agreement in the Field of Ammunition

On September 20 2021, Nexter Group signed an agreement with the Czech manufacturer STV Group for the local supply and certification of shells and modular charges.

Nexter undertakes to support the certification of artillery ammunition manufactured locally by the manufacturer STV Group for use on the CAESAR artillery system. The agreement also provides for the acquisition from Nexter of specific 155mm ammunition such as flare (LU 215), smoke (LU 217) and anti-tank (BONUS) rounds.

Head of Nexter’s ammunition unit, Dominique Guillet said, “This agreement establishes a lasting partnership between Nexter and STV Group to secure the Czech Republic’s ammunition supplies while contributing to the development of the local ammunition industry”.

Nexter’s ammunition unit offers a wide range of ammunition from 20 to 155mm with the highest levels of performance and reliability, covering more than 80 percent of the NATO ammunition range. Nexter is exhibiting its range of conventional (shells, fuses, modular charges) and smart (BONUS, KATANA) 155mm ammunition at IDET.




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