MBDA-Safran partner to offer the MMP Missile for the Australian Army’s Land 400 programme

MBDA and Safran Electronics & Defence are partnering to offer the MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée) anti-tank guided missile for the Australian Army’s Land 400 programme to acquire reconnaissance vehicles. The offer would be in accordance with the Commonwealth of Australia’s Defence Industry Policy Statement to support the development of Australian sovereign industrial and strategic capability.

This agreement will take advantage of Safran Electronics & Defence Australasia, a Safran Electronics & Defence subsidiary that has been operational for over twenty years in Australia, for delivery and support of optronics and navigation equipment. Safran Electronics & Defence is a strategic partner for MBDA providing crucial subsystems like dismounted firing posts, sensors, commands, and missile seekers.

MMP is claimed as the only 5th Generation multi-purpose guided missile system, currently ordered by France for its infantry and combat reconnaissance vehicles (Scorpion program). It will be fitted onto the French army’s new Jaguar combat vehicles along with Safran Electronics & Defence’s PASEO advanced sighting systems. Qualification of MMP was completed in July 2017, and deliveries have now started.

MMP was developed by MBDA for dismounted applications and for integration onto armoured fighting vehicles. The missile is equipped with an advanced multiband seeker with both uncooled IR and Day camera with superior target discerning capabilities including non IR emitting targets such as structures, the automatic seeker lock-on and MEMS based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) permits ‘Fire and Forget’ operation. The uncooled IR seeker allows maintenance free operation compared to cooled seekers. A fibre optic datalink facilitates ‘lock after launch’ and retargeting, this ‘man in the loop’ option also minimises collateral damage when used in urban areas. The smokeless soft launch propulsion enhances operator safety in confined spaces and minimises launch signature. Its warhead permits optimal use against armoured threats and structures by the inclusion of two modes (Anti-Armour, Anti-Infra).

MBDA has partnered with L&T to offer the MMP ATGM for the FICV and BMP-2 upgrade programs of the Indian Army. MBDA has indicated that it could offer a customised version to be developed and manufactured in India to meet its unique requirements.


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