Israel Shipyards Unveils Multirole Corvette

The S80 vessel joins the company’s unique tailor-made solutions, designed and constructed with strict quality assurance and long-term service at the Israel Shipyards facility based on Israel Shipyards Ltd. (ISL) S-72 platform, from which several designs have been evolved, including the Israeli Navy Light Patrol Corvette—the RESHEF Class an advanced multi-roll vessel.

The new generation of the S-80 class features greater versatility and higher payload capacity, with increased weapon suite capacity and wider spread of Electronic Warfare (EW) systems as part of the platform offensive advantages.

The S80 length is 80m, she is powered by 4 diesel engines, two shaft lines, and equipped with controllable pitch propellor system and the top speed exceeds 28 knots. The S80 will be equipped with state-of-the-art ship control system, a health management system and she will be capable of being equipped with the combat systems made by the Israeli defence industries or and any equivalent systems according to the customer requirements.

The S-80 can be adjusted to accommodate Corvette or as an OPV version, depending on the operational requirements. The S-80 allows longer range and endurance for extended periods with reduced detection risks, making it ideal for diverse applications and missions. Similar to the current Naval vessels of Israel Shipyards, the new Corvette is also supporting unique possibilities of deploying Special Forces units.

“The ship is designed for stealth, agility and ruling the seas with cutting edge capabilities required in future combat scenarios,” says the company’s CEO, Eitan Zucker. “The S80 ship will enable navies to effectively protect their country’s sovereignty, maintain their economic waters, and win naval battles in times of war. The S80 has the endurance to operate in the open sea, and also to control the littoral. All this with optimal cost benefit ratio.”

Israel shipyards provides advanced maritime solutions with One-Stop-Shop capabilities by providing customised vessels to meet the customers’ requirements to all needs in the Naval arena with the most complete and cost-effective defence and security solutions.

The S80 will be the flagship of the Israel Shipyards for the next decades and she will serve the Israeli Navy and many other navies around the world.



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