INS Sunayna Confiscates Weapons from Vessel off Somalia

The vessel engaged in illegal fishing was found carrying four high caliber AK-47s and one LMG

INS Sunayna, patrolling the Gulf of Aden, has confiscated weapons from a vessel found to be engaged in illegal fishing, approximately 25 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia, in the vicinity of Socotra island.

The ship has been deployed on anti-piracy patrol in the Gulf of Aden since 6 October 2018. On 7 December, the ship detected a suspicious fishing vessel, and upon investigation, the ship found that the vessel was engaged in illegal fishing in the area and was also in possession of four high caliber AK-47s and one Light Machine Gun, along with ammunition for these weapons.

INS Sunayna had seized weapons from another vessel last month, in a similar operation, and the ships deployed in the region are always on a lookout for such vessels, operating under the relevant UN resolutions.

The vessel was thoroughly searched and allowed to proceed, after confiscation of the arms and ammunition, to prevent their illegal use later by the crew for piracy related activities, sources from the Indian Navy said.

The Indian Navy has been instrumental in safeguarding and ensuring safe seas for trade and travel across the Indian Ocean Region, particularly the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia.


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