IAF Contingent Departs for France to Participate in Bastille Day Flypast

A flying contingent from the Indian Air Force (IAF) consisting of four Rafale fighters, two C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft, and 72 personnel has departed for France to participate in the Bastille Day flypast and marching event. This event holds significance as it symbolizes the long-standing association between India and France in the field of air power.

Throughout history, Indian pilots such as Welinkar, Shivdev Singh, HC Dewan, and Jumbo Majumdar have fought alongside French forces during the two World Wars. Jumbo Majumdar, in particular, was honored for his brave actions over the Falaise Gap during the final stages of World War II.

Over the years, the Indian Air Force has operated various French aircraft, including the Ouragan, Breguet Alize, Mystere IVA, SEPECAT Jaguar, Mirage 2000, and currently, the Rafale. Additionally, helicopters like the Alouette-III and Lama have played a crucial role in serving India, especially in remote Himalayan areas. The marching contingent of the IAF is led by Squadron Leader Sindhu Reddy, an accomplished helicopter pilot who has extensively flown the Alouette-III helicopter.

The professional ties between the Indian and French Air Forces have been further strengthened through joint flying exercises such as Ex Desert Knight, Garuda, and Orion. The presence of the IAF’s Rafale aircraft alongside the French Air and Space Force (FASF) during the Bastille Day event reflects the strategic friendship that has developed over the years, both on the ground and in the air.

 IAF Contingent Departs for France to Participate in Bastille Day Flypast



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