Arquus, Thales and NTGS Launch the New Sherpa A2M (Advanced Mobile Mortar)

On June 14th, Arquus, Thales and NTGS officially presented the new Sherpa A2M (Advanced Mobile Mortar) during a ceremony organised at Arquus’ booth at Eurosatory 2022.

The Sherpa A2M is an adequate answer to the tactical challenges met and created by artillery in high-intensity warfare—mobility, protection, close support to the troops on the ground and mobile counter-battery options at the fraction of the price of a Self-Propelled Gun (SPG).

The alliance of Arquus, NTGS and Thales allows the application of a truly complete solution delivering a unique indirect fire support solution, suitable for infantry support, collaborative armed forces troops and Special Forces, as well as autonomous artillery units looking for a high level of mobility and protection.

The Sherpa A2M combines the excellent mobility of a Sherpa Light, the proven Deployable Mortar System by NTGS and the 120mm rifled mortar barrel by Thales, into one full fully integrated new solution.

The vehicle embeds 120 mm rifled ammunition and in the future the mortar laser-guided ammunition. The rifled mortar barrel is three times more precise than smoothbore mortar.

Due to this superior efficiency and accuracy, it can achieve similar operational effects with much fewer shots; around 4 times fewer rounds than for a smoothbore mortar.

Nicolas Broquedis


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