Thales Triumphs in French MoD Challenge, Pioneers Sovereign AI Security

During the European Cyber Week in France (November 21 – 23, 2023), Thales, a global frontrunner in data protection and cybersecurity, showcased its expertise by clinching victory in the CAID challenge organized by the French Ministry of Defence. This landmark challenge, a pioneering initiative by the Ministry, was designed to assess the capability of hacker teams in exploiting inherent vulnerabilities within AI models.

Thales’s ‘Friendly Hackers’ team showcased unparalleled skill in navigating and securing AI, addressing critical concerns regarding AI model vulnerabilities. This success signifies a significant stride in the realm of AI security, particularly in safeguarding military and civil applications against potential threats.

The challenge’s focus on probing the vulnerabilities of AI models underscores the evolving need for heightened security measures within AI systems. Thales's innovative approach and success in the CAID challenge signify a pivotal step in fortifying AI security protocols.


Thales’s commitment to AI security and trust aligns seamlessly with the demands of both defense sectors and civilian organizations, including critical infrastructure providers. These entities confront shared challenges in safeguarding training datasets, intellectual property, and ensuring the reliability of AI-generated outcomes for pivotal decision-making processes.




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