Israel Aerospace Industries Secures $145M Contracts for Long-Range Loitering Munitions

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has inked two pivotal agreements with separate countries for the delivery of long-range loitering munitions, marking a combined value of $145 million.
These substantial contracts follow a prior agreement earlier this year, reinforcing the purchase of IAI's long-range loitering munitions. This series of procurements reflects the burgeoning global demand for IAI's long-range loitering munition suite, underscoring IAI’s unmatched proficiency in this market niche.

Boaz Levy, President and CEO of IAI, highlighted the critical role of loitering munitions in achieving operational success across battlefields worldwide. He emphasized the significant advantage these munitions offer in strike flexibility, and the strategic precision they provide, crucial to national interests.


“Loitering munitions have proven pivotal in securing operational success in diverse combat scenarios globally. The adaptability and precision attained through these munitions are of paramount significance on the battlefield. These recent orders underscore the confidence placed in IAI’s long-range loitering munitions, affirming their ability to confer indispensable advantages to each respective country,” stated Boaz Levy.






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