Texelis Partners with PT SSE for CELERIS 4×4 Mobility Solution

Texelis, a leader in mobility solutions for military vehicles, proudly announces its partnership with Indonesian vehicle designer and manufacturer PT SSE for the deployment of its CELERIS 4×4 mobility solution. Under this collaboration, Texelis will supply complete kits for the CELERIS 4×4 solution and provide comprehensive development and support services to customize the solution for PT SSE’s requirements.


PT SSE, also known as PT Sentra Surya Ekajaya, is a respected company in the Indonesian and global markets, specializing in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of Special Mission Vehicles. The partnership between Texelis and PT SSE not only enhances bilateral relations between France and Indonesia but also underscores both countries’ commitment to strengthening their defence partnerships.


The CELERIS 4×4 solution offers unparalleled quality and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for vehicle manufacturers seeking high-performance, turnkey mobility solutions. Texelis will deliver the first kits to PT SSE in S1 2024, with full integration expected on the prototype by the end of the year. Subsequent kit deliveries are scheduled for 2025, enabling an experienced OEM to produce a new vehicle prototype in under a year.


Texelis firmly believes in the power of partnerships to drive innovation and create new benchmarks in defence. The collaboration with PT SSE exemplifies this approach, allowing both companies to grow as mobility suppliers and system integrators. CELERIS will benefit from user feedback in Indonesia, ensuring continuous evolution and adaptation to meet evolving operational requirements.


Texelis has already secured customers for the CELERIS solution on two continents, demonstrating its global appeal and reliability. The company looks forward to expanding its presence worldwide and delivering cutting-edge mobility solutions to customers across diverse operational environments.



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