Pratt & Whitney, an RTX Company, Expands India Operations with Opening of New India Digital Capability Center

Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of RTX (NYSE: RTX), has unveiled its latest venture with the inauguration of the India Digital Capability Center (IDCC) in Bengaluru. This new center is poised to revolutionize innovation and spearhead digital and business transformation initiatives for Pratt & Whitney globally.


The IDCC will operate in tandem with Pratt & Whitney’s esteemed engineering and supply chain centres of excellence. This strategic co-location aims to foster enhanced collaboration among various RTX entities in India, including Collins Aerospace and RTX Enterprise Services.


Rahul Dharni, Vice President & Global Chief Information Officer at Pratt & Whitney, remarked, “The expansion of Pratt & Whitney’s digital footprint in Bengaluru underscores our commitment to harnessing India’s vast aviation and technological talent pool to accelerate our digital evolution.”


Recruitment efforts for the IDCC’s inaugural team are underway, with plans to scale up to over 300 professionals by 2027. The centre will prioritize delivering diverse digital technology solutions across key facets of Pratt & Whitney’s digital transformation agenda.


Ashmita Sethi, President & Country Head of Pratt & Whitney, India (UTCIPL), stated, “With an initial investment of USD 40 million in engineering and supply chain operations over the past two years, Pratt & Whitney is further solidifying its position in India’s aerospace landscape through this multi-million-dollar commitment to the IDCC.”


Pratt & Whitney’s continued investments in the country encompass the establishment of a cutting-edge India Customer Training Center in Hyderabad and ongoing research & development collaborations with the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. Over the past decade, Pratt & Whitney has facilitated approximately USD 55 million in transactions with leading aerospace suppliers in India and has channelled over USD 500 million into engineering services in the nation over the past two decades.



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