Texelis Introduces New Approach to Wheeled Armoured Vehicle Electrification

Texelis introduces a new approach to wheeled armoured vehicle electrification for military operators looking to take the next step towards a greener battlefield.

Texelis’ solution combines proven electric vehicle components in order to offer a much faster route to vehicle electrification than whole-vehicle electric design programmes. These solutions can be implemented on existing wheeled military vehicles to retain the advanced mobility of traditional drivelines while harnessing technologies to enable the two most pressing requirements from military users—the ability to export electric power to charge soldier systems and to run in full-electric silent mode for limited periods.

The approach is made possible by Texelis’ unique engineering expertise in designing vehicle architectures for military vehicles used by leading land forces around the world. Whether working with off-the-shelf or built-to-spec components, Texelis’ vehicle mobility knowledge enables the integration of transmissions, transfer cases, axles and driveshafts with leading-edge electronic technologies to produce electrified drivelines for the current armoured vehicle market – including retrofit onto existing wheeled vehicle fleets.

For operators looking to continue to implement the ultimate electric vehicle architecture, the next step is the in-wheel electric hub drive developed between Texelis and QinetiQ. This combines Texelis’ proven T750 suspension system with QinetiQ’s in-wheel electric hub drive into a traction drive system that supports the transition from conventional powertrains to electric powertrains in combat vehicle architecture.

“What we are seeing from our customers is that the appetite to shift to the whole in-wheel electric hub drive is being overtaken by a need to implement quick changes to existing vehicle architectures so that they can begin benefitting from green energy on the battlefield more quickly,” said Managing Director Defence at Texelis, Jean Vandel. “We have shown this new, staged approach to existing users of our mobility systems and we’re getting overwhelmingly positive feedback at how quick and simple it can be to implement on their current vehicle fleets.

“We may be a relatively new player in military electric vehicle technologies, but thanks to our deep knowledge of vehicle driveline and complete mobility systems together with our experience in providing electric axles for the mass transit market, we can apply the very best of our engineering experience to produce leading solutions for today and tomorrow’s battlefield.”

In addition to offering this incremental approach to existing vehicles, Texelis also offers the option as part of its MR400 advanced mobility solution. The MR400 mobility solution for highly strategic and mobile military-protected vehicles comprises a full vehicle driveline, including axle, powerpack, suspension, steering, cooling, exhaust, and electrical systems.

This Texelis mobility solution delivers exceptional off-road mobility with air transportability, whilst simultaneously supporting a high payload capacity. Derived from the solution designed for the French DGA’s lightweight 4×4 VBMR vehicle as part of the SCORPION programme, the MR400 is a de-risked mobility solution for customers seeking ambitious, high-performance mobility for integration on military 4×4 armoured vehicles.

“Whether users are looking to integrate the MR400 mobility solution with an existing vehicle hull or use it as the basis of a new vehicle design, we can offer the option to include hybrid electric components to required levels,” Vandel said. “The MR400 offers the ultimate mix of Texelis expertise, and we look forward to meeting with new partners at Eurosatory 2022 to show them the future of battlefield mobility.”



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