ROSOBORONEXPORT Prioritizes Technology Partnership Contracts with Friendly Nations

JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT, a part of the Rostec State Corporation, is intensifying efforts towards technology partnership contracts, aligning with emerging global arms market trends. The company foresees a significant rise in the share of such projects, estimating it to double by 2030, ultimately constituting 40% of the global arms market. ROSOBORONEXPORT, drawing on its extensive experience, aims to initiate licensed production, joint ventures, and collaborative R&D endeavors with international clients, bolstering the capabilities of partner countries in military technology. This strategic approach has yielded fruitful collaborations, exemplified by the joint venture for AK-203 assault rifles and the modernization of Su-30MKM aircraft in India. Such partnerships not only harness the expertise of Russian defense manufacturers but also empower nations to establish their own industrial base for military production. This concerted effort aligns with the pressing demands and trends in the contemporary defense landscape




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