The INS Sumedha paid a visit to Lagos, Nigeria on October 13, 2023, as part of its Gulf of Guinea deployment. The aim of the visit was to strengthen diplomatic ties, enhance maritime cooperation, and improve interoperability between the Indian and Nigerian navies. The agenda included professional interactions, planning conferences, and sea exercises for the exchange of best practices.


In addition to social events and sports fixtures, the ship, along with Nigerian Navy doctors, organized a Medical Camp for the local population. The Sumedha will also conduct a Maritime Partnership Exercise (MPX) with NNS Unity to enhance cooperation between the two navies.


This marks the Indian Navy’s second deployment to the piracy-prone Gulf of Guinea, following the inaugural patrol by INS Tarkash in October 2022. The Indian Navy is committed to collaborating with regional countries to combat piracy and ensure secure seas for unhindered trade.


Under the command of Cdr MC Chandeep, the INS Sumedha is the third vessel of the indigenously designed and manufactured ‘Saryu’ Class Naval Offshore Patrol Vessel (NOPV). The ship is equipped with advanced weapon systems, sensors, navigation and communication systems, as well as Electronic Warfare suites. In the past, the INS Sumedha has undertaken various operations including coastal and offshore patrolling, ocean surveillance, and HADR missions. This includes the recent Op Kaveri, which involved the evacuation of Indian diaspora from war-torn Sudan in April 2023.


India and Nigeria share warm and friendly relations, grounded in common values of democracy, development, and secularism. The two countries have established bilateral arrangements for defense cooperation and cultural exchange. This deployment underscores India’s positive and cordial relations with West African nations.




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