Rolls-Royce is committed to partnering India’s progress towards self-reliance

Kishore JayaramanRolls-Royce, President, India & South Asia, Kishore Jayaraman

India is at the right juncture to build a vibrant local defence industry ecosystem that could support both domestic and export demand. With a mix of defence public sector undertakings (DPSUs) and private companies, as well as research capabilities and manufacturing set-ups, India has a huge defence industrial base. This provides an excellent opportunity to build and/or scale up an industrial base centred on indigenous manufacturing. Co-creation and subsequent manufacturing for India and the world, is a goal we can aspire to achieve in this sector.

India today has the width and the weight to invest in co-creation programmes through collaboration with willing global players whose goal is to co-develop relevant technologies and Intellectual Property (IP) in critical areas. With a co-owned IP in areas of strategic importance, not only can India commercialise production locally, but also use its base to become a global supplier and exporter of defence technologies.

With a legacy partnership that rests on many years of capability development and co-manufacturing, Rolls-Royce is committed to partnering India’s progress. We believe the future will be all about ‘Creating in India’ in collaboration with willing global players, with India co-owning the IP in areas of strategic importance. This will catapult India’s vision to create a strong ecosystem and commercialise production locally, and eventually use this base to boost global supply chain and export capabilities.

Additionally, as India progresses towards ‘Atmanirbharta’, it must embrace technology at an increasing pace across all spheres of industry and society. Specifically, in the defence sector, the country’s aspiration to evolve from a regional to a global power will need to be coupled with the creation of well-defined initiatives focused on indigenisation and self-reliance, driven by technology at its core.

Rolls-Royce has a strong base of capabilities across technology development to supply chain and manufacturing, built over many years. Add to this our proven commitment to India through successful transfer of whole engine technology. We have also successfully participated in and led international combat engine collaborations in many markets. We believe, therefore, that Rolls-Royce is well positioned as natural partners in India’s defence growth and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ journey.

We believe the time is right for pursuing opportunities in partnership, co-creation and co-production to build a robust local manufacturing sector, which will also contribute significantly to economic growth in the future.




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