Rafale International together with the GIFAS and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council commits to ‘Make in India’

Under the “Make in India” initiative, these seminars have enhanced the ties between the two countries.

Rafale International consisting of Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales have met more than 100 French SMEs in two-days Business to Business events. These events held with Indian officials took place in Paris on September 19 along with the GIFAS, the French Aerospace Industries Association, and on September 21 in Bordeaux, under the patronage of the Nouvelle Aquitaine Regional Council (Conseil régional de Nouvelle-Aquitaine).

BPI France and French MOD (Direction Générale de l’Armement) also took part in both events.

On these occasions, Rafale International and their partners presented their vision on how best to contribute to the Make in India policy and highlighted opportunities arising for French SMEs to invest and set up production activities in India alongside Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales.

The Indian Embassy representatives emphasized the critical importance of the Make in India policy and the Foreign investment policy for the Indian aerospace and defense sectors and attended both networking B2B lunches in Paris and in Bordeaux to answer questions from participating companies.

Under the “Make in India” initiative, these seminars have presented business opportunities aimed at enhancing the ties between the French and the Indian Aerospace communities in order to define cooperation domains between both industries and pave the way towards building up an aero-defence manufacturing eco-system in India, matching the highest standards in this field.

“Encouraging and supporting French SMEs to come to India is a key condition to participate to the success of the “Make in India” initiative of Prime Minister Modi and will benefit both French and Indian Industries. Creating new opportunities of collaboration and work towards establishing a full-fledged aero-defense manufacturing eco-system in India will highly contribute to reinforce Indo French cooperation for SMEs of the aerospace and defense sector and will pave the way for the French SMEs and Indian SMEs to benefit Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales products and technologies portfolios opening worldwide market.” declared, Dassault Aviation Chairman and CEO and GIFAS Chairman, Eric Trappier.

“This seminar matches the regional politic for the development of the priority sectors, and more specifically the Aeronautics, Defense and Space roadmap. The strategic axe of this roadmap is due to facilitate the access to new international markets and export for the industrials of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region” stated President of the Regional Council of Nouvelle- Aquitaine, Alain Rousset.



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