Rafael Introduces Microlite Sensor for airborne Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance Missions

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd recently unveiled the MicroLite sensor for airborne Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance missions. MicroLite sensor is a compact, lightweight, EO/IR Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) system for small aerial platforms such as UAVs, manned aircraft, aerostats and observation balloons.

MicroLite is equipped with simultaneous scanning and high-resolution Medium Wavelength Infrared Range (MWIR), Visual HD colour sensors, laser designator for sensor-to-shooter loop closure.

It is capable of horizon-to-horizon field of regard, an onboard data processing & storage unit for real-time advanced image processing and an advanced suite of cyber defences.

By continuously monitoring a large area, MicroLite creates a wide footprint which enables simultaneous high-resolution tracking and investigation of multiple targets, including small targets. All video products and analytics are geographically anchored and simultaneously disseminated to clients.

Rafael’s MicroLite has been integrated onto the orbiter-4 UAV Aeronautics to begin flight tests. The sensor will be presented at the Singapore Air Show at Rafael’s booth.


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