RAFAEL and HENSOLDT Offer Electronic Warfare Capabilities to the German Luftwaffe

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. and sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT are joining forces to offer a solution to the Luftwaffe’s requirement of airborne electronic warfare capabilities with Initial Operating Capability (IOC) in 2028. The exclusive teaming agreement was signed in Tel Aviv on the October 18, by CEO HENSOLDT, Thomas Müller and President and CEO of RAFAEL, Maj. Gen (ret.) Yoav Har-Even.

RAFAEL and HENSOLDT agreed to embark on a joint endeavour to integrate and enhance RAFAEL’s Sky Shield airborne electronic warfare pod as a mature off-the-shelf Escort Jammer (ESJ), with the latest airborne electronic attack national sensitive technology (KALÆTRON Attack) by HENSOLDT. This new capability supports the Luftwaffe’s decision to adapt the Eurofighter Typhoon into an electronic attack platform. The new EA pod utilizes the existing interfaces of the Litening Pod, already combat-proven on the Typhoon, thus significantly simplifying the integration efforts and saving invaluable resources.

Together, RAFAEL and HENSOLDT bring the necessary experience not only as solution providers for ESJ, but also in the programme environment of the Eurofighter and related integration and certification processes.



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