RAFAEL Awarded £20 Million Contract by UK Ministry of Defence for TROPHY Active Protection System (APS) on Challenger 3 Main Battle Tanks

RAFAEL, a world leader in advanced defense technologies, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of a £20 million contract from the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) for the state-of-the-art TROPHY Active Protection System (APS). This significant milestone represents a major advancement in bolstering the defensive capabilities of the Challenger 3 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and underscores RAFAEL’s active participation in DSEI 2023.


Following rigorous evaluation, the UK MOD has recognized the critical role of the TROPHY APS in ensuring the safety of Challenger 3 MBTs and their esteemed crews in the face of modern battlefield threats. The TROPHY APS has a well-documented history of operational success, having demonstrated its effectiveness in various combat scenarios around the world.


In collaboration with the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence, RAFAEL has successfully completed the second phase of integrating the TROPHY Active Protection System (APS) onto the Challenger 3 (CR3). A series of live-fire tests conducted toward the end of 2022 showcased the system’s remarkable effectiveness, intercepting over 90% of threats aimed at the CR3 representative tank equipped with the TROPHY APS.


Dr. Ran Gozali, Executive Vice President, GM Land & Naval Division at Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, expressed optimism regarding the latest test results, praising the efficacy of the TROPHY system and RAFAEL’s expertise in integrating it onto yet another platform. The collaboration with the UK MOD is set to continue, propelling the project toward its third and final integration phase. This development instills greater confidence in the TROPHY APS’s ability to provide robust defense for the UK and its military personnel.



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