Passing Out Parade at INS Chilka

An inspiring and immaculately conducted parade marked the culmination of 21 weeks of basic training with a total of 2,435 smartly turned out trainees passing out successfully from the portals of INS Chilka on July 14. These trainees will now proceed for cadre specific professional training both at sea and at professional training schools of the Indian Navy. The parade was reviewed by Rear Admiral R J Nadkarni, Chief of Staff, Southern Naval Command, Kochi.

INS Chilka is the premier basic training establishment of the Indian Navy for imparting ab-initio training to sailors and Naviks of the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard respectively. The training regimen being followed at INS Chilka is well structured and scientifically prepared to meet the specific objectives of converting a raw recruit into a confident and well-prepared Sailor/ Navik. The trainees are exposed to service subjects as well as academic subjects such as English, Computer Applications and Applied Science. Equal emphasis is also laid on toughening the raw recruits, both physically as well as mentally through various activities like drill, route-march, cross country, sailing expeditions, outdoor camps, weapon firing and swimming etc.

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