Nexter Unveils Advanced Weapon Systems at EDEX 2023 Exhibition for the Egyptian Army

From December 4 to 7, 2023, Nexter is showcasing its cutting-edge solutions at the EDEX 2023 exhibition in Cairo, Egypt. The company, part of KNDS, is strengthening its collaboration with Egypt in the modernisation of the armoured units within the Egyptian armed forces.


Focused on enhancing the armoured capabilities of the Egyptian army, Nexter, a part of KNDS, is introducing an extensive array of armoured vehicles to the Armoured Brigades of the Egyptian Army:


**Enhanced Main Battle Tank (EMBT):** Marked as the first 4th generation MBT, the EMBT integrates a new and enhanced design with notable features including a 120mm autoloader capable of handling 22 rounds, a 7-roadwheel chassis, and a robust 1500 hp powerpack. This innovative system demonstrator is armed with the 120mm gun and autoloader from the Leclerc MBT, incorporating the latest technologies such as a new digital architecture, an ARX 30, a 4th crew member acting as a “deputy commander,” and a hard-kill active protection system (APS).


**Latest Combat Vehicles:** Nexter is presenting its latest combat vehicles including the new VBCI MkII T40, the JAGUAR combat and reconnaissance vehicle, and the land version of the RAPIDFire turret mounted on a 6×6 chassis.


**ARX 30 Remote-Controlled Turret:** Armed with the 30mm gun from the Tiger helicopter, this turret is designed for close protection of a platform, convoy, or a company-level unit. An airburst ammunition, currently in development, aims to counter drones and loitering ammunitions effectively.


**ARX 25 Remote-Controlled Turret:** Equipped with the 25mm gun derived from the French army’s VBCI, this turret is optimised for ground combat, boasting a range surpassing 2500m and firepower comparable to 30x173mm weapons.


Nexter’s presence at the EDEX 2023 exhibition serves as a platform to exhibit their state-of-the-art weaponry, highlighting their commitment to advancing the capabilities of the Egyptian armed forces through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.



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