Nexter Showcases Advanced Applications of Anglo-French 40CTA System at DSEI 2023

Nexter, a subsidiary of KNDS, is set to demonstrate its cutting-edge weapon systems incorporating the 40CTA Anglo-French weapon system at DSEI 2023. This presentation underscores Nexter’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for modern conflict scenarios.


The 40CTA system, integrated into the T40 turret, is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Nexter and BAe Systems through their joint venture, CTA International (CTAI). CTAI specializes in the production of the gun and its ammunition, possessing unique expertise in cased telescoped technology. This innovation allows the 40mm CTA ammunition to match the compactness of a 25mm round while delivering the impact of a 40mm/L40 Bofors round. This compact design enhances the system’s firepower without compromising its size. The T40 turret is seamlessly adaptable to various vehicles, including the VBCI MkII infantry combat vehicle, a specialized turret on the JAGUAR combat and reconnaissance vehicle, and the land RAPIDFire designed for ground and air close-in protection. Notably, both the JAGUAR and naval RAPIDFire systems are already in active service with the French forces.


In addition to the 40CTA system, Nexter, a company under KNDS, will present a range of battle-tested solutions designed to address the diverse requirements of a modern army. These include:


CAESAR 8×8: This heavy-duty version of Nexter’s proven long-range artillery system boasts improved STANAG level 2 armor, exceptional all-terrain capabilities powered by its 8 wheels, and a capacity for 36 rounds ready for firing, making it ideal for Central European battlefields.


Ammunition Range: KNDS will showcase an extensive ammunition portfolio, encompassing medium calibre to artillery rounds. Highlighted offerings will include the SHARD 120mm improved APFSDS and the KATANA 155mm high-precision round.


NERVA Robots: Engineered to handle a wide array of missions including observation, demining, decoy operations, and NRBC detection, the NERVA small robots epitomize Nexter’s decade-long expertise in robotics. Furthermore, this initiative sets the stage for the development of heavy robots poised for warfare in the coming decades.


Nexter’s presence at DSEI 2023 is a testament to its commitment to providing innovative, adaptable, and combat-proven solutions for the modern battlefield.


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