Nexter, Arquus, and Thales completes DGA Scheduled Delivery for 123 GRIFFON and 22 JAGUAR Vehicles

The temporary company grouping (Groupement Momentané d’Entreprises, GME) multi-role armoured vehicle (engine blindé multi rôles, EBMR), comprising Nexter, a KNDS company, Thales, and Arquus, proudly announced the successful delivery of 123 GRIFFON and 22 JAGUAR vehicles to the Directorate General of Armaments (Direction générale de l’armement, DGA), the French Defence Procurement Agency, as per the scheduled targets for the year.


GME EBMR achieved its annual delivery targets again, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing JAGUAR and GRIFFON deliveries and qualifications.


As outlined in the 2019-2025 military programming law, Nexter, a KNDS company, Thales, and Arquus fulfilled all GRIFFON and JAGUAR DGA orders scheduled for 2023. These deliveries, which commenced in 2019, brought the total handover to 575 GRIFFON and 60 JAGUAR vehicles.


In 2023, the EBMR company grouping introduced the first “Sanitaire” (SAN) GRIFFONs for the French Army Health Service (Système de santé des armées, SSA). This model, qualified in 2022, is set to be delivered to the Forces in early 2024.


Moreover, on June 16, 2023, the DGA approved a VOA («Véhicule d’Observation d’Artillerie ») version of the GRIFFON, with the 3rd Marine Artillery Regiment (3e RAMa) receiving its initial units. The GRIFFON VOA, designed to integrate into the ATLAS artillery fire management chain, features a retractable optronic observation mast and innovative technology for surveillance, telemetry, pointing, and laser designation, facilitating targeted and guided artillery fire. It also allows for the incorporation of the MURIN tactical surveillance radar.


SCORPION, a program aimed at transforming the French Army, incorporates resources such as the SERVAL light VBMR vehicles, the JAGUAR armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle (EBRC), and the GRIFFON armoured multi-role vehicle (VBMR). These vehicles, designed by Nexter, Thales, and Arquus, are integral to the SCORPION combat information system (SICS), facilitating collaborative combat among soldiers through real-time communication and battlefield digitisation.


The JAGUAR, a 25-tonne armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle (EBRC), equipped with a 40mm telescoped ammunition cannon (CTA) and the MMP missile, stands out for its advanced features, including the Nexter 40mm CTA gun, MBDA medium-range missiles (MMP), and the T3 Hornet remotely operated turret.


With SCORPION vetronics developed by Thales, the JAGUAR boasts next-generation optronics and on-board tactical training capability, alongside an innovative Arquus chassis, providing exceptional mobility and operational capabilities.


The GRIFFON, a 24-tonne multi-role armoured vehicle, showcases versatility in troop transport, command posts, communication relays, artillery observation, and 120mm mortar (MEPAC) missions. Deployed in the Sahel in 2021, the GRIFFON has demonstrated operational excellence, maintenance ease, and mobility.


Several SCORPION vehicles integrate similar technologies, including Vetronics and Hornet remotely operated turrets.



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