Navantia’s F-110 Programme For Spanish Navy Ahead Of Schedule

Navantia’s F-110 programme for the Spanish Navy has surged ahead of its planned timeline with the commencement of the construction of the second frigate, marking a significant step in a programme valued at €4.325 million.


The first steel for the F-112 was cut at Navantia’s shipyard in Ría de Ferrol (A Coruña, Spain) on December 16th, a momentous event attended by distinguished figures including the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez; the Fourth Vice-President of the Spanish Government and Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero; the President of SEPI, Belén Gualda; and the President of Navantia, Ricardo Domínguez.


This programme, set in motion with an execution order in 2019, outlines the construction of five frigates. Remarkably, the launch of production for the F-112 stands four months ahead of schedule, attributed to the advanced design maturity and progress in engineering work.


Simultaneously, the initial frigate in the series, the F-111, has experienced accelerated progress. Presently, 24 out of the 33 blocks, surpassing the initially planned 18, are in various stages of construction and assembly. Among these, five blocks have been positioned on the slipway, with the fifth block set in place on December 18th. Procurement-wise, 98% of the program’s equipment has been secured, with materials reaching 95% for the F-111 and 70% for the F-112.


The F-110 frigates, designed for the Spanish Navy, possess multi-purpose capabilities encompassing anti-aircraft, anti-surface, and anti-submarine functionalities, enabling effective force protection and naval projection roles. Their adaptability for maritime security-related tasks is bolstered by their capacity to operate alongside other units.


Notably, the F-110’s design incorporates cutting-edge technological features, such as an integrated mast housing various sensors and antennas, a multi-mission space enhancing defensive capabilities, and an innovative hybrid propulsion plant, ensuring efficiency and reduced noise for enhanced versatility. Equipped with Navantia Systems’ Spanish combat system, SCOMBA, these frigates stand as a testament to advanced naval technology.


Montaje quinto bloque F-111


The F-110 programme serves as the cornerstone of Navantia’s Digital Transformation Plan in Ferrol (A Coruña, Spain), featuring the establishment of a new digital block factory, an investment amounting to €110 million. The factory, symbolically initiated on December 16th, is set to revolutionise production centres, incorporating digitalisation, automation, and robotics. The adoption of hybrid laser technology, replacing traditional welding processes, promises enhanced performance and reduced distortions.


Moreover, this initiative aims to invigorate Ferrol, positioning it as a global hub for frigate design and manufacturing excellence, driven by a fully digitised infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology.


The F-110 programme’s ripple effect extends to the supply chain, engaging over 500 Spanish companies and generating substantial employment, potentially accommodating up to 9,000 individuals, including indirect employment.


This cutting-edge F-110 frigate will pioneer a Digital Twin concept, essentially a virtual replica continuously fed with real-time information from the vessel through a network of onboard sensors. Supported by Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and IoT, this technology facilitates remote maintenance and operation, transcending geographical barriers.


Additionally, the frigate will integrate an Integrated Services System (ISS), developed in collaboration with the Universities of Vigo and Coruña, substantially reducing wiring by incorporating integrated sensors. 3D printers onboard will enable the production of spare parts, a pioneering initiative for naval vessels. The F-110 is also fortified with an integrated cybersecurity system to counter emerging cyber threats, contributing to reduced crew requirements and improved onboard living conditions.



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