Israel Aerospace Industries Awarded Contract to Supply Aerial CellDart Cellular Intelligence System to International Client

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has secured a contract to furnish the CellDart cellular intelligence system for installation on airborne platforms to an international client.


CellDart delivers cellular interception and geolocation capabilities in both legacy and advanced networks. Tailored for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations, border and maritime defense, as well as HLS and law enforcement, this system operates seamlessly on ground- or air-based platforms. It functions in both passive and active modes, enabling precise targeting and interception of cellular communications. Moreover, utilizing patented technology featuring advanced antennas and algorithms, the sensor accurately pinpoints targeted cellular users with high positional accuracy without disrupting commercial network operations.


Characterized by its compactness and durability with minimal Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP), CellDart can be installed on lightweight aircraft or small UAVs. Alternatively, a high-powered variant is deployable on larger UAVs, small aircraft, vehicles, and tower installations, ensuring broader coverage.


These systems are developed and supplied by IAI’s ELTA division, specializing in Intelligence, Communications, and Electronic Warfare (EW). The division offers a comprehensive range of solutions supporting Electromagnetic Dominance, enabling forces to sense, communicate, and navigate effectively in the electromagnetic spectrum while countering enemy attempts to operate within this domain.


Boaz Levy, President, and CEO of IAI, commented: “Collaboration agreements such as the one recently inked propel us to the forefront across all our operational domains, thereby enriching our portfolio of solutions.”


Adi Dulberg, VP, and GM of IAI’s ELTA Intelligence, Communications, and Electronic Warfare (EW) Division, remarked: “Cellular communications are increasingly prevalent in terrorist, paramilitary, and even military operations. Armed forces and HLS organizations seek solutions to expand their traditional Communications Intelligence (COMINT) capabilities to include detecting, intercepting, and accurately locating hostile cellular communication activities. With cutting-edge technology housed in a compact form factor, CellDart empowers customers to deploy these capabilities extensively, both in the air and on the ground.”



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