INS Vagir Successfully Conducts Extended Range Deployment to Australia

INS Vagir, a prominent vessel within the Indian Navy’s fleet, has successfully completed an extended-range deployment to Fremantle, Australia. Commencing its journey in June 2023, the submarine reached its destination on August 20, 2023. As the fifth Kalvari class submarine of the Indian Navy, INS Vagir was commissioned in January 2023 and is stationed in Mumbai.


During its sojourn in Australia, INS Vagir actively participated in a series of exercises alongside units from the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), primarily situated on the West Coast of Australia. Simultaneously, Indian Naval vessels and aircraft were engaged in Exercise MALABAR 23 from August 11 to August 21, 2023, followed by Exercise AUSINDEX 23 scheduled from August 22 to August 24, 2023, along the East coast of Australia.


The deployment agenda encompassed a spectrum of Anti-Submarine exercises, ranging from basic to advanced levels. A notable highlight was the joint exercises between the RAN submarine and Indian Naval P8i aircraft alongside INS Vagir. These collaborative initiatives have significantly enhanced the cooperative synergy between the Indian Navy and the Royal Australian Navy.


This ongoing deployment underscores the impressive reach and sustainability of the Indian Navy’s submarine fleet. Marking the maiden deployment of an Indian Navy submarine to Australia, this venture highlights the substantial capability and professional prowess of the Indian Navy, adept at conducting sustained operations over extended distances and durations. An earlier milestone during this deployment saw INS Vagir’s visit to Colombo, where it participated in the International Day of Yoga on June 21, 2023.



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