INS Aditya Renders Medical Assistance to Injured Fisherman at Sea

Based on a distress call received from a fishing boat, FV Mahonnathan, INS Aditya provided prompt medical assistance to a critically injured fisherman about 75 nm West of Goa on 3 February 2022. Vipin, the fisherman, sustained a serious injury to his right hand resulting in excessive blood loss and low blood-oxygen levels.

INS Aditya promptly reached the spot and brought the injured fisherman onboard after providing him supplemental oxygen and first-aid in the fishing boat itself. Vipin had suffered fractures associated with crush injuries on multiple fingers of his right hand before he was evacuated. He was treated onboard to arrest bleeding and achieve hemodynamic stabilisation.

The ship provided sufficient cooked food to the crew of the boat, and the injured fisherman in stable condition, was transferred back to join his colleagues.




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