Israel Dispatches Mortal Remains of Indian Woman Killed in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

IAI agreed to Israeli Embassy in India’s request to fly the remains of Soumya Santhosh, back to her hometown in Kerala’s Kochi. Ms. Santhosh was a devoted caregiver to an Israeli elderly, and was killed by rocket fired from the Gaza Strip in to the State of Israel, earlier this week. Ms. Santhosh’s remains were dispatched on the same flight along with humanitarian aid sent to help India through the COVID-19 crisis.

In other news, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has delivered ‘hundreds of oxygen concentrators to India, to support the COVID-19 crisis’.

IAI’s President and CEO, Boaz Levy said, “Through these difficult times, on both sides, in India and Israel, we felt the need to support our friends and partners during the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, as we packed the oxygen aid, we heard Soumya Santhosh had been killed by rockets shot from Gaza into the State of Israel and were able to send her remains back to her home country. We are closely following the health crisis in India and hoping for a swift recovery. IAI wishes India blessings for good health, peace and prosperity.”



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